Engineering plastics from 1 kg to 1 container, delivered across the world.


Polymer Company offers services of making fluoropolymer coating for various surfaces.

From us You may order:

  • fluoropolymer surface protection;
  • fluoropolymer heat exchangers;
  • fluoropolymer heating elements;
  • fluoropolymer lining.

Properly selected fluoropolymer surface coating permits to provide for effective product protection against corrosion failure, reduce metal consumption and improve tightness of fixed detachable connections. PTFE heat exchanger – modern heat exchangers, which could be used in any conditions and media, including highly aggressive.

PTFE heating elements more and more often are used where using tubular electric heaters is impossible or unfeasible. Area of their application is wide enough, very often they are used to heat galvanic baths.

PTFE lining provide for high operational parameters of chemical equipment due to high thermal resistance and inertness of PTFE.

All fluoropolymer coatings, heaters and heat exchangers are made per individual customer order.


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