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Fluoropolymere surface protection


Many modern apparatuses and instruments are used in conditions of low or high temperature, and also in various chemical media. This brings an issue of improving their technical characteristics to provide for longer usage. Metallized fluoroplastics are used for this purpose and provide for reliable surface protection.

Metallized fluoroplastics are produced in sheets, tapes, profiles and varnished fabrics made of PTFE-4 or PTFE-4 based compositions, covered with special metallic layer, combining all fluoroplastic properties and glueability.

Any powder0like materials may be used as metallic layer for fluoroplastic:  oxides, metals, alloys, carbides. Meanwhile metallizing layer thickness may vary from 10 µm to 5 mm.

Metallized fluoroplastics have following characteristics:

  • excellent chemical resistance to chemical media;
  • resistance to action of concentrated oxidizers, mineral acids, alkali and organic solvents;
  • low parameters of water and gas permeability;
  • good selectivity in gas mixtures separation;
  • radiation resistance;
  • resistance to vacuum;
  • outdoor resistance;
  • incombustibility;
  • resistance to one-celled organisms;
  • high dielectric properties;
  • high resistance to adhesion.

High adhesion parameters permit metallized fluoroplastics be glued not only between themselves, but also be glued to various surfaces. Meanwhile glued joint should have adhesion strength not less 10 kg/cm2. That is why in selection of glue to fix metallized fluoroplastics one should consider product usage conditions.


Polymer Company offers high-quality metallized fluoroplastics which may be used to line up:

  • pipelines;
  • reinforced concrete;
  • gypsum items;
  • metal-cutting machine tools;
  • calenders;
  • shafts;
  • transportation belts, etc.


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