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Fluororubbers (raw materials)



Fluororubber – high molecular synthetic rubber obtained by copolymerization of fluorine-containing monomers. Fluororubbers significantly surpass natural, hydrocarbon, acrylate and nitril rubbers, that is why they may be used in very severe conditions.

Area of application:

Used for making large number of various technical rubber products for machine-building, automobile, aerospace and chemical industries, that is where resistance to concentrated acids, oils and petrol is necessary. Fluororubber parts are indispensable in semi-movable and fixed joints of various apparatuses, transportation and production equipment, where increased chemical and thermal resistance is necessary.

Unique peculiarity of fluororrubber — it preserves stability in alkali, acids, aromatic and aliphatic chlorinated and not chlorinated hydrocarbons, lubricants and oils, gasoline, petrol and thinners (except compound ethers and ketones) at working temperature from -200 to +250°C.

Solubility in some compound ethers and ketones permits to use fluororrubber in production of glues, sealants and coatings.

Except that fluororubber has the following properties:

  • absolute incombustibility;
  • exceptional fireproofness;
  • gas impermeability;
  • dielectricity;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • outdoor resistance;
  • limited resistance to radiation;
  • resistance to action of aggressive media;
  • resistance to alkali and acids;
  • water repelling properties;
  • frost resistance;
  • high heat and thermal resistance.

Fluororubber products being submerged into fuming nitric acid for seven days at temperature +200С swell, but preserve their elasticity.

Polymer Company LLC offers high-quality fluororubbers grades SKF-26 and SKF-32, having wide working temperature range, thanks to that they may be used to obtain rubber products for various units, apparatuses and machines.


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