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PEEK (PTFE substitute)


PEEK — semi-crystalline thermosetting high-tech polymer, very resistant to majority of organic and inorganic chemical substances. Resistant to action of acids and alkali, hydrolysis by hot water and steam, UV and energetic radiation. Not susceptible to action of spirits, aircraft and automobile fuel, lubricating materials and cleaning agent.

Thanks to unique operational characteristics of the material PEEK is used in wide range of areas:

  • Medicine
  • Food industry
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Automobile industry
  • Electronic production
  • Underground equipment
  • In nuclear and military industries

Application in medicine and food industry is determined by clean composition of the material and absence of modifying additives.

From compositions based on polyethylsulphone and PEEK under high pressure boards, cores, connectors and other products per drawings are made. IN production of insulators for high-power thyristors and diodes glass-filled PEEK compositions are used.

PEEK is used as binder in special purpose materials, due to high level of thermal resistance: it is used in detonators, actuators, various explosive and pyrotechnical compositions. Special feature of PEEK — compatibility with different pyrotechnical mixtures, oxidizers, which even more widens possibilities of its application.

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