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Polypropylene is one of the most widely spread polymers found every day. This is the material used to make plastic pipes everybody is fond of. But this is not the whole area of application of the material.

At present polypropylene started to actively expulse other polymers from the market. It surpasses them in many properties: endurance, impact resistance and resistance to heat treatment.

Main advantage of polypropylene sheets is wear resistance. This is exactly why it is used to manufacture modern pipes. Polymer pipe can serve for several dozens of years, minimizing repair costs. Moreover, polypropylene pipe system is very simple to install: using special iron it is installed within just several hours.

Du to insulation properties polypropylene is used in electronics and even space industry, where parts of non-standard form and maximally low weight are often necessary. Polypropylene ideally fits these purposes.

Polypropylene rods are used in textile industry due to their unique strength, but not only because of that. It is very profitable to use it to make fibers: price for one kilogram of polypropylene is lower than price per kilogram of any other polypropylene. Amount of fibers made from same amount of the studied material is very large. That is why production of polypropylene fibers is also economical.

High thermal stability permits to use it in food and medical industries. Possibility to sterilize packing at temperature over 100 degrees Celsius forces producers to refuse polyethylene packing having much less permitted heating temperature. Besides that polypropylene packing will stop foreign odor and preserve warmth of product stored in it.

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