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PTFE (PTFE, Teflon)

PTFE — structural polymer material produced by radical polymerization of fluorine-derived olefins (gaseous low molecular substances). In this way a thermoplastic crystallized polymer is obtained, consisting of carbon and nitrogen atoms, with especially strong bond between them. Thanks to this PTFE is characterized by high level of chemical resistance and possess unique chemical, physical, antifriction and electric properties, incomparable at the moment to any other material.


  • low specific weight;
  • absence of adhesion;
  • dielectricity;
  • resistance to radiation;
  • good elasticity;
  • low porosity;
  • low heat conductivity;
  • high heat and frost resistance;
  • inertness;
  • self-extinguishability in case of ignition;
  • minimal coefficient of static and dynamic friction;
  • resistance to aggressive media and solvents (except gaseous fluorine, chlorine trifluoride, solutions and molten alkali metals);
  • absolute physiological and biological safety for humans and environment;
  • possibility to be processed by drilling, turning, milling, grinding;
  • wide temperature range of operation: from -260°C to +260°C;
  • melting temperature +370°C;
  • longevity: minimum 20 years.


  • Mechanical processing of PTFE blanks (sleeves, rods, sheets). This production technology is based on heating processing tool with consideration of small tolerance for temperature expansion of the product.
  • Automatic compression of loose PTFE. The peculiarity of the method is that weight of the part could not exceed limit set by the production equipment. But parts made by this method may have various highly exact form, while reducing material consumption and time of production and mechanical processing of product series.

At present PTFE products are most frequently used in those spheres where high chemical resistance, heat resistance and good dielectric properties are necessary. Meanwhile the most popular among PTFE group is with PTFE F-4 grade, used in such industries as:

  • pharmaceutics;
  • foodstuffs industry;
  • medicine;
  • electrical engineering;
  • machine-building;
  • construction;
  • production of domestic appliances;
  • production of electronic radio components, microwave equipment components, etc.

Application of PTFE products for making various parts permits to significantly increase quality and effectiveness of the machine’s operation. In addition, PTFE products have excellent antifriction properties making them indispensable for fitting moving parts (shafts, pistons, bearings), thanks to which there is no need to use lubricating substances.

If necessary, PTFE characteristics are improved by admixing composite additives. Depending on requirements to PTFE product, in capacity of filler are used artificial graphite, coke, asbestos, molybdenum disulfide, boron nitride, glass fiber, carbon fiber, nickel, bronze, silver.

Additives and their influence on material properties:

  • molybdenum disulfide: composition for making products used in wet gas and vacuum conditions;
  • molybdenum disulfide and coke: composition for making products to be used in wet gas environment;
  • molybdenum disulfide and ground glass fiber: composition for making products to be used in dry and wet air, deep vacuum, gas;
  • boron nitride: composition to improve product creep resistance under slight linear stretching, and also to provide for good run-in with cast iron and structural steels in dry and wet neutral / aggressive environments;
  • boron nitride and ground glass fiber: composition to improve chemical and mechanical resistance of products used in wide temperature range;
  • molybdenum disulfide and graphite: composition to improve antifriction properties of products.

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