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PTFE heat exchangers


PTFE heat exchangers – good alternative to all other heat exchanger types: titanium, graphite, porcelain, glass, etc.

PTFE heat exchangers are used to heat, cool or condensate corrosive solutions:

  • in open baths;
  • in closed baths;
  • in refrigerators;
  • in settler vessels;
  • in galvanic baths for chrome plating, zinc plating, etching and nickel plating.

Such heat exchangers are used in column type installations, and also in high-temperature vessels with acid substances, where high requirements to ready product cleanliness exist.

Application of PTFE heat exchangers as condensers provide for high productivity, and their usage in galvanic production provides for impeccable safety of electrochemical metal processing. Besides, antiadhesion properties of PTFE exclude possibility of clogging of working heat exchanger surfaces, thanks to which the whole heat exchange process goes with constant heat transfer coefficient.

PTFE heat exchangers exist in various models differing between themselves in:

  • body material;
  • design shape of body;
  • total tube length;
  • number of tubes in one tube bundle;
  • heat exchange surface.

Depending on these parameters, heat exchanger may have specific heat production from 4,4 kW/m2 to 9 kW/m2.

Polymer Company LLC offers high-quality PTFE tubular heat exchangers, characterized by special flexibility and lightweight design, permitting to use them in any chemical process. During ordering a heat exchanger our employees will provide and in-depth consulting on selection of the optimal model and configuration.

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