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Suspension F-4D


Suspension of PTFE-4D – is suspension of finely dispersed PTFE in heat meter solution.

PTFE suspension is obtained by polymerization of dispersions. To protect dispersions against coagulation surface active agents are added, in the volume of 9-12% of the total polymer weight. Suspension may be of practical usage when polymer concentration in it was increased to 50-60%.

Is the suspension deposited — it is not permitted to mix it by mechanical mixers, as this leads to irreversible coagulation. To eliminate precipitate the suspension is shaken on a shaker or manually.

For preparing suspensions several PTFE grades are used, that is why final products differ in temperature resistance, antifriction properties, adhesion degree, etc.

Depending on grade, they distinguish white, light-yellow and light-brown suspension. Meanwhile pigment suspensions may be of beige, light-blue and grey color:

  • Suspensions F-4D, F-4DU and F-4DV are basic components for obtaining electrical insulation, antifriction, antiadhesion, chemically and thermally stable coatings, including non-stick coatings;
  • Suspensions F-4DP and F-4DPU are used to impregnate packing cords and gland packings, they are indispensable in production of self-lubricating bearings working at temperature from -250°C to +260°C;
  • Suspension F-40D is used to make condenser coatings and films sustaining temperature up to +280°C, epoxy glass cloth laminates, varnished glass fabrics, enameled wires with electric insulation and antiadhesion properties. The suspension is characterized by resistance to radiation, strong oxidizers, organic solvents, acids, alkali, ultraviolet, atmospheric precipitations.

PTFE-4D suspensions are used in many production spheres. The most popular suspension usage – production of non-stick Teflon coatings by spraying and rolling-up.

PTFE suspension is also used for antiadhesion, antifriction and anticorrosion protection of many metals except copper and copper alloys. Such coatings are applied by spraying, by roller, brush or by dipping into solution.

«Polymer company» offers high-quality suspensions based on PTFE-4D possessing excellent operational properties.

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Physical and chemical parameters of PTFE-4D grades are given in table below:






Liquid, from white to light-yellow color


Mass share of non-volatile matters, %, not less



Conditional viscosity, sec, within range

Not determined


Concentration of hydrogen ions (рН), within range

Not determined


Mass share of stabilizer (to dry substance), %, within range



Strength at rupture of unsupported films, MPa (kgf/cm), not less

30 (305)

30 (305)

Relative elongation, %, not less




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